Artist run moving image screenings.

Not Past Its Use By Date
presented in conjunction with suek-artist

8:00pm 29th August 2009
The BAck doOR @ suek-artist
entry off back lane
658 Plenty Road, Preston
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

catch the 86 tram to stop 52

A programme of film and video work specifically using found-footage. In our day and age of reusing/recycling anything and everything in an attempt to keep the earth's demise at bay it seems apt to revisit an approach of making film work that has been with us for eons. Bruce Conner was the master at it in the 1950s using film of
any gauge, and many followed in his footsteps, yet today a multitude of possibilities in the genre is presented
by a variety of technology.

This programme adds a new twist to found footage film work. Each participating artist has supplied the original source footage of a work that has already enjoyed public screenings. The source footage is then passed onto another to be used as source footage for a new work. In true Dadaist style, selection of footage for each artist was randomly conducted using a numerical calculation thus taking away any choice for all involved. There lies the challenge.

You have decided to accept the invitation to make the video..." (second person: past, present, future)
Steven Ball, 19 mins, video, UK, 2009
Martin Arnold Meets Edweard Muybridge, Paul Rodgers, video, Aus, 2009
bild A pos, bild B pos, bild A neg, bild B neg, sue.k., 12 mins, video, Aus, 2009
Landscape: Rippled and Rifted, Richard Tuohy, 9 mins, 16mm, Aus, 2009
Pools Between Land, Steven Ball, 10 mins, video, Aus, 1991
Sun, Paul Rodgers, 13 mins, 16mm, expanded cinema, Aus
card 4, sue.k., 8 mins, video, Aus, 2002
boot fall
, Richard Tuohy,
7 mins, Super-8, Aus, 2008


Steven Ball
"You have decided to accept the invitation to make the video..." (second person: past, present, future)

19 mins, video, UK, 2009

"You have decided to accept the invitation to make the video, now you have to decide what to do with the material. When it comes to thinking about the material used to make a video work, what is left out is as important as what survived to the finished piece, you think."


Paul RodgersPaulLouise Curham
Martin Arnold Meets Edweard Muybridge

9 mins, video, Aus, 2009

Martin Arnold meets Edweard Muybridge and human locomotion with a bit of Paul Rodgers, and let's not forget the ALF or is it VLF. In the end it's me reworking B&W super-8 Oz Footy, and also there's sound too. Men, running, walking, leaping, wrestling for the ball.


bild A pos, bild B pos, bild A neg, bild B neg

12 mins, video, Aus, 2009

A sphere. A sphere that sits central to the frame of the screen. A sphere that travels at unfathomable speed in distant skies yet remains almost still to the human eye. And here in the limits of photography, a sphere that sits central in all 1,092 frames of the short source footage. To create movement and texture within the frame, which will allow a moment of interest to settle fleetingly on the remnants of making entailed for each of the 1,092, required dedication to each individual frame that will flicker before the eye.


Richard Tuohy
Landscape: Rippled and Rifted
9 mins, 16mm, Aus, 2009

‘Movement through a forested landscape is photographically ‘disrupted’ with ripples and waves in a theme and variations form.’

The original colour super 8 footage was supplied in telecinied (video) form. From this video, selected shots – specifically the forest footage - were kinescoped onto 16mm black and white reversal film. Other images from the footage such as waves and ripples were kinescoped onto high contrast 16mm negative. These high contrast black and white negatives were then contact printed to make matching high contrast positives, there by making pairs of matching ‘travelling mattes’ for use in a contact printer. The print you see represents the 5th generation of these images (original super 8, telecine to video, kinescope onto 16mm, creation of optical printer negative, final positive print). The only constituents are the forest footage, positive and negative high contrast wave and ripple images made into loops, colour filters and leader.


Steven Ball
Pools Between Land

10 mins, video, Aus, 1991

Super 8 frame enlargements by Arthur Cantrill

A broadcast from the undergrowth. A transmission from the fields of electrical and emotional energies imprinted on the landscape, recorded in the water. Snatches of a disembodied voice were recorded, subjective glimpses cut through the electrical crackle of the carrier frequency on the monitor. A fragmented world of reconstructed space and time in a claustrophobic environment beneath the canopy of trees.


Paul Rodgers
Eclipses of the Sun

12 mins, 16mm, expanded cinema, Aus, 2007

The Sun, the reason we are all here, a huge globe of hot gas and fire and sounds form all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.


card 4

8 mins, video, Aus, 2002

A four-camera shot of a group of friends playing cards. Each camera is situated behind a player at a height that gives an overhead view of the action. The fractured imagery caused by the process used to capture the video adds to the unfolding action of the game.


Richard Tuohy
boot fall
7 mins, Super-8, Aus, 2008

Slow motion abstractions and analyses of bodies in motion.


Entry by donation.

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