Artist run moving image screenings.

Cine Abstracts
recent film works of Richard Tuohy

presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and in conjuction with suek-artist

8:00pm Saturday 26th September 2009
The BAck doOR @ suek-artist
entry off back lane
658 Plenty Road, Preston
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

catch the 86 tram to stop 52

Cine Abstracts is a showcase of recent film works by local Melbourne experimental filmmaker Richard Tuohy. These films exhibit a fascination with both nature-scapes and the power of the cine camera. Exploring largely in-camera photographic techniques such as matting, multiple exposing, pixilation, re-photography and colour separation etc., Tuohy seeks to find a nexus between his subject and his spring wound camera, aspiring to take us inside the landscapes – both human and natura – his films explore.

Pear Shapes
, Super 8, 6 mins, 2006
Colour Spots, 16mm, 6 mins, 2009
Iron-Wood, 16mm, 7 mins, 2009
Broken Light, 16mm, 5 mins, 2009
Champing, Super 8, 9 mins, 2005
Trees Breathing, 16mm, 7 mins, 2009
Red Rover
, Super 8, 6 mins, 2005
Tree Lines, 16mm, 9 mins, 2009
Landscape: Rippled and Rifted, 16mm 9 mins, 2009
Multitude Studies
, 4 x 16mm loops, 18 mins, 2009

Pear Shapes

Pear Shapes
Super 8, 6 mins, 2006

One of two 'weed' films I made. In the 1950s, prickly pear was a major weed problem in Australia. This is one weed we managed to beat with biological control. I found a nice confined crop of what I thought was prickly pear and made this abstract film. The plant looks and is wrong in the Australian landscape. This film also flirts with borders and boundaries, with these little 'family groups' of cactuses perhaps as metaphors ...

Colour Spots
16mm, 6 mins, 2009

Red, green and blue center spot filters zooming through multiple exposures.

(winner 2009 Abstracta Award, Rome)
16mm, 7 mins, 2009

Iron-wood is an abstract visual exploration of the deeply fissured 'cog-like' bark of the Australian tree Eucalyptus Sideroxylon - Red Ironbark.

Broken Light
16mm, 5 mins, 2009

Reflected light is prismatically ‘opened’. A dancing secret life of colour is liberated.

Super 8, 9 mins, 2005

An abstract exploration of amateur boxing.
Filmed at a country boxing meeting in rural Australia.

Trees Breathing
16mm, 7 mins, 2009

A regular ‘breathing’ rhythm is established with slowly oscillating zoom images of trees. Double and triple exposures then produce various ‘beatings’ of image against image.

Red Rover
Super 8, 6 mins, 2005

A 'rover' lands on a red planet and explores its mysterious surroundings.
This film was made at the time of the Huygens/Cassini probe to Titan. Really, its a film about a certain kind of fixed but loose mechanical camera movement.

Tree Lines
16mm, 9 mins, 2009

High country, high contrast. A collision of lines and patterns from the wood of burnt trees.

Landscape Rippled and Rifted
16mm 9 mins, 2009

Made from original super 8 source footage from Steven Ball’s 2002 video work pools between land. ‘Movement through a forested landscape is photographically ‘disrupted’ with ripples and waves in a theme and variations form.’

Multitude Studies
4 x 16mm loops, 18 mins, 2009

A 4 projector loop work experimenting with apparent movement generated out of temporal relationships, rhythms, image collisions and acoustic emphases. Featuring my friend Toby, who likes to say he ‘contains multitudes’. Made in response to the expanded cinema works of Bruce McClure




Tree Lines

Landscape Rippled and Rifted

Multitude Studies


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