Artist run moving image screenings.


Due to the closure of The BAck doOR, cogcollective's screening activities are currently suspended until further notice. Read below statement from The BAck doOR.

After three years of the most amazing experimental film and video work being programmed and screened at The BAck doOR the venue has now, unfortunately and with deep regrets, closed its doors. The venue organizers would like to thank cogcollective and the Australian International Experimental Film Festival for adding the most exquisite mix of flavours to The BAck doOR's ongoing activities. We would also like to thank Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie for their unending support for all that was The BAck doOR. The BAck doOR would also like to thank everyone who wholeheartedly and willingly allowed us to show their amazing work. And last but not least, we would like to thank everyone who joined us for the screenings and those that stayed for the curry and wine post-screening social indulgence. So many great nights, with such great company, THANK YOU.

Future Screenings in Australia





Past Screenings in Australia


26th March 2011 The Silence of Politics

29th January 2011 Lake Levels River Levels
27th November 2010
From A to B: the Journeys and Reflections of a Decade Past (rescreen)

30th October 2010 Equilibrium of the Tactile
25th September 2010 Systems of Communication

29th May 2010 From A to B - the Journeys and Reflections of a Decade Past

27th March 2010 Complex Infrastructure
27th February 2010 One Minute Vol.3

30th January 2010 Delicate Matter
25th December 2009 This Orphans' Christmas

28th November 2009 Understanding the Science of Sprockets, Light, and Chemicals

31st October 2009 Black Texture

26th September 2009 Cine Abstracts: recent film works of Richard Tuohy

29th August 2009 Not Past It Use By Date

27th June 2009 One Minute Vol.2

30th May 2009 Dialogue, Phrasing, Syllable

28th March 2009 S828S8
28th February 2009 (Melbourne screening) Lines of Travel____

31st January 2009 Film, Film, Film

12th December 2008 (Brisbane screening) Lines of Travel____

20th November 2008 flickers of movement

Past Screenings in Daylesford at A Perfect Drop, Australia


cogcollective would like to thank Ivor Bowen (Infra Dig), Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie of nanolab, and Devon Taylor and crew at A Perfect Drop for their inviting hospitality and help for the cogcollective screenings in Daylesford. Thanks guys!


31st August 2008 One Minute
4th August 2008 Intimate Journeys
July 2008 Shifting Latitudes


Past Screenings in London

April 2009 Fractured Light


CANDID ARTS Sceenings:
June 2007 One Minute

May 2007 Index Generator 2.2

April 2007 Videa Democrazy: Stefan Szczelkun

March 2007 Painkiller for My Foreign Body: Singapore Film and Video

February 2007 John Porter * One Take Super 8 Event

January 2007 A Song of Love * Living for Living

December 2006 Private Cinema

November 2006 Screen Dump

October 2006 Personal and Particular

September 2006 Intimate Journeys

August 2006 Urban Research
July 2006 Shifting Latitudes



cogcollective is run entirely voluntarily and receives no funding, sponsorship or any other form of financial support. It is currently facilitated by sue.k. and Steven Ball






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